Friday, July 2, 2010

Arthur Rackham's Loki

Golden Age Comic Book Stories has been an invaluable source of information and diversion. The illustrations that Mr. Door Tree posts there come from a personal collection of comics, books and visual ephemera.
When I was first starting Manny Tippitoes I found myself visualizing Manny himself. Much of the character comes from the trickster figures of folk tales and mythology. And for my money, Loki stands at the pinnacle when it comes to these figures. Mr. Door Tree has posted some scans of a book illustrating The Ring of the Niblung by the English artist Arthur Rackham that stuck in my noggin. In my mind Manny looks a lot like Rackham's Loki, with the same pointed ears, narrow eyes, think body frame and red hair. I'm unsure about the chin hair, but otherwise Manny and Loki are quite similar visually.
I should note that Manny Tippitoes isn't as downright nasty as Loki is in myth. Manny's pranks are altogether more harmless and can be quite beneficial to some people. And he would never wear sandals.

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