Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Unknowing Disciple of Manny Tippitoes #1: Chris Watson

British sound recordist Chris Watson is the cover star of the August issue of Wire magazine. It's a great article (with the best cover and inside photos the magazine has run in a long time) and covers Watson's amazing recording skills reflected in his work on BBC Nature documentaries and his string of great CDs on the Touch label.
What struck me in the article, however, was the following passage detailing the end of a talk the writer watched Watson give at a hall in Central London:
It's only as he pads around the hall packing up after this presentation that it becomes apparent that Chris Watson isn't wearing shoes. Does he always work in stockinged feet? "Yeah" he responds laconically as the sky starts to darken outside. "I don't like clomping around."
And so, Chris Watson is the first in our series of The Unknowing Disciples of Manny Tippitoes.

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