Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Continuing Case of Manny Tippitoes: Now available for The Kindle
I'm happy to announce that the Kindle version of the book is
available for purchase on the Amazon website.
We've priced the eBook at $5.99 so there's no reason for you to
delay if you are a Kindle user and want to get a copy of The Continuing Case of Manny Tippitoes for yourself.  I'm very excited that the new version of the Kindle will the capacity for color illustrations.  It's nice to think that Kindle users will have the ability to see Anna Wieszczyk's illustrations in color.
  If you read books on your iPhone or iPad, I should have news on how you can get Manny for your devices within a week or so.  The eBook will be priced just as reasonably for those machines as well.

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