Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!
A portly figure stood beneath the Senate podium. Smoke drifted from the nozzle of a Winchester repeating rifle in his left hand. A ring of dead men lay spread out in front of him as the rotund, mustachioed ex-President stood face to face with a snarling man-wolf. The bandelero of silver bullets across his ample chest was exhausted of ammunition. 
 Grover Cleveland tossed some berries in the air with his free hand. The foaming mouth of the werewolf snapped at each in rapid succession. Slowly and quietly, nation’s twenty-second president, to the astonishment of the assembled legislators, spoke to the werewolf...  
excerpted from Grover Cleveland, Werewolf Whisperer - from The Extravagant Escapades of Manny Tippitoes - Book Two

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