Friday, December 2, 2011

Thoughts on the visuals in A Field Guide to the Elves of Northern Europe

As I think about how a paperback copy of Rod Crenshaw's best-selling work on the identification of Elves might look, it occurs to me that most of us (even the most skilled and highly trained in elf-spotting) will probably only get a fleeting  glimpse of an elf or elves.
  And even then, we would be lucky to catch a silhouette or shadow.  So something like this page from A Pocket Guide to Trees; How to Identify and Enjoy Them by Rutherford Platt (Washington Square Press, 1960) would probably be very useful.
  As we'll see in Book Two, the sudden commercial success of a book originally intended for a scholarly audience will have implications for not only Rod Crenshaw but possibly even Manny Tippitoes.
  And there's something else in Rutherford Platt's Pocket Guide that I want to share with you later.

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