Saturday, February 25, 2012

Manny at Mardi Gras
I took a trip to New Orleans this past weekend. If a vacation can be said to be productive, then last week's holiday certainly was. Not only in terms of the fun time that Mardi Gras implies, but also with the chance to consult with a very special contributor to the Manny Tippitoes opus and to look around at the varied forms of creativity that contribute to Carnival.
The chance to look over the parades and the varying approaches taken by the krewes that create floats and parades was priceless. In New Orleans, krewes take on names like Druid, Proteus, Bacchus, Muses, Comus and Thoth. They refer to themselves as Mystic Orders. Floats, beads and doubloons are rife with imagery from Egyptian, Greek and Celtic mythology. The city was awash in the stuff in a way that belies the presence of the Catholic Church that hangs over New Orleans. Throw in the fact that floats are preceded by masked riders and manned by masked attendants and you'll see how I was fascinated by the whole process. Not just food for thought - a banquet.

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